Global style

It’s simply a part of our DNA. We’re home to one of the most international student bodies in the country, and are consistently ranked among the top schools for the number of students who study abroad. Dust off your passport (or make sure you have one). You’ll need it!

Global style - bali group on beach

Students from 90+ nations and 45+ states and territories

Our campus can feel more like a global village than a university in South Florida. Walk around, and you’re likely to hear people speaking in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish (among other languages). In class, every discussion incorporates multiple worldviews.

Map of home nations of current Lynn students.

Learning outside the classroom. Way outside.

Want to stroll the streets of Dublin? Learn Mandarin in Shanghai? Study politics in Buenos Aires? At Lynn, you can do that, and more

Meet Jack: Global style embodied 

Jack Slotnick is like any other student at Lynn, except for one thing: he's 86 years old. His J-Term trip to Bali with classmates showed him that with learning, there are no boundaries. 


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